Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fresh fruit juice

I always make it a point to prepare fresh fruit juices for my family everyday. We consume the juice immediately when it's out from the juicer, this way we could have all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetable.

In order to have sufficient fruits and vegetable for my juices, I stock up the basic ingredients, apple and carrot are the must have in my juices, simply because my girls prefer apple juice over the rest.

With apple and carrot juice as base, I add in green vegetable, like celery, and any organic vegetable that I could buy from the shop. I like to have green in my juices especially for my hubby who do not like to take vegetable in his meal.

It is also a good idea to include green leafy vegetable in the juices for the kids just like what I do for my daughters who do not like to eat vegetable at all, but in a much lesser portion.

cut them up into small pieces for ease to pass through the juicer even though my juicer can squeeze the whole piece of carrot, I won't want to over work my expensive juicer. :)
A glass of freshly squeeze juice. Sometimes I add in some potassium salt or a packet of green food for extra nutrients, but not for the kids.

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