Saturday, July 17, 2010

Good Sleep Good Health

A good sleep is the best medicine. Therefore, developing good sleeping patterns are utmost important to all of us.

Have you heard of people say nothing better than a good night sleep? Our body can not rest unless we have a good sleep, it is the best way for restoration after a day of school, hours of work, and other activities. Our body and mind are refreshed and restored to face a fresh new day of challenge after a good night sleep.

Besides having to settle our mind to prepare for a good sleep, there are certain sleeping habits or patterns that we need to observe. Improper sleeping habits or patterns will cause much danger to our health.

1. Beadroom environment : The bedding materials, ligthing, smell, noise level, and temperature in the bedroom have great effect on our sleep. Ensure our bedrooms are condusive and comfortable.

2. Remove makeup before going to bed would allow our skin to breathe, thus our skin are healthier.

3. Avoid covering our head during sleep. There are negative effects with head covered with blanket. We tend to inhale more carbon dioxide which is trapped inside the blanket, resulting insufficient oxygen circulated to the brain as well as to the rest of the organs, this will cause headache, drowsiness. At the same time, the dirt and dust that accumulated under the blanket is detrimental to our airways in a long run.

4. Small kid sleeping in between the adults. The kid in between tends to be in an insufficient oxygen position. This will affect the growth of his/her physical health.

5. Use bra to sleep deters blood circulation. Studies show that those who use bras more than 12 hours a day are 21 times higher in developing breast cancer as compare to those seldom or not using bra. So it is best to change into comfortable clothing at home and avoid using bra to sleep.

6. Go to bed right after meal will lower blood pressure thus lower blood flow to the brain, the possibility of having stroke is higher. It would be good to have a short stroll after meal, a good blood circulation will prevent stroke.

7. Sharing a piece of blanket is definitely not a good idea, because any movements will disturb each other’s sleep.

8. Sleeping outdoor is surely more comfortable to many especially during warm humid weather, however, the temperature will turn lower after midnight, accordingly to Chinese theory, the cool breeze after midnight to dawn is cold in nature, sleeping in this environment will cause cough & flu, headache, stomach upset, joint pain and rheumatism.

10. Sleep before 11pm. Our body is in the state of detoxification from 11pm to 2pm. If we are still awake at these hours, our body will not be able to carry out the detoxification function to eliminate the toxin from our body.

11. Avoid going to bed with anger, try to settle any disagreements with other(s). Having a big heart to forgive other(s) and ourselves will help.

12. Say a little bedtime prayer before sleep. Count our blessings and be thankful for what we have.

Have a good night sleep every one!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bioglo Pure Aloe Skin Care

After a trial of a month of using the Bioglo Pure Aloe Skin Perfecting Moisturiser that I bought from Cosway, I love it so much that I bought a set of 3 of its products under promotion this month which consists of Skin Perfecting Cleanser (120ml), Skin Perfecting Moisturiser (50g) and White Radiance Facial Mask (3 sachets).

This set of skin care only cost me RM46.90, super cheap.I can feel the freshness, smoothness and supple of my face on the first application of the Perfecting Moisturiser, and I love it instantly.

These products are made in Malaysia. The content of the Aloe Barbadensis in Skin Perfecting Cleanser is 40%, While the Moisturiser contents concentrated 200% pure aloe gel and 200% Active Aloe in the facial mask. Not that I know the measurement of the aloe contents but the result of using the Skin Perfecting Moisturiser is very satisfying, even my daughter noticed and commented on the smoothness of my face and like to touch my face more.

*this is purely my personal testimonial after using this products, not a paid post.


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