Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Restoring Eyes Vision

Laser and lasik eye surgery have been popular among those wearing glasses and contact lens. The fees are very costly, there is always risks involve amidst the pros and cons.

At the recent visit to the Suria Megamall in the city a couple of weeks ago, we picked up an interesting leaflet from their promotion booth. they are promoting a scientific eye training device that restores vision with ease, No drugs, No laser surgery and no side effects. A machine accredited by International Ophthalmologists & Dioptrics that relief eyestrain in 10-15 minutes, improve eyesight in 7 days, with a average of 0.2-0.5 vision correction in 30 days, and achieve normal vision without using glasses, how wonderful it is for those who wear glasses and contact lens...one of them is me!

There is more to it form the same company that offer eye plasters made from mainly Chinese herbs. How it works and what good that will bring??

Here are therapeutic functions as mentioned in the leaflet:
  • Improve eyes immunity
  • Detoxify & nourish the eyes
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Improve eyesight
  • Relief eyestrain
  • Clear off the cloudy crystalline lenses
  • prevent dry eyes diseases
  • Black spotted vision or flitting flies
  • and reduce wrinkles around the eye area, eyes bags and black circle too!
I wonder how much these products will cost, forgot to ask about the prices....
I noticed that there is a sales person in the leaflet you can call to inquire if you would like to know more, not the I know who she is...If you want to maintain the brightness of your eyes or thinking of restoring the faded eye sights, no harm find out more before trying....I have not tried out the products hence unable to give an review :D

Monday, November 28, 2011

Annual Detoxification and Rejuvenation for The New Year | Quazen

Annual Detoxification and Rejuvenation for The New Year | Quazen

My 3rd Detoxification and Rejuvenation program

I am into the 3rd day of the yearly Detox and Rejuvenate program. This time I do not follow strictly on program in terms of the schedule in taking juices and cleansing drinks, I do take them but on my on schedule. I have to refrain from taking rice, bread, meat, salt, seasoning. Strictly on fruits and vegetable.

My normal food intake would be bananas, steamed carrots, green vegetable, potatoes, egg plant, and green apples + carrots + celery juices with Super Green Food Powder, and other health supplements that comes in the Detox and Rejuvenation pack. Besides that I also add on a dose of Maqui Berries juices and Purple Vitality Strip, these 2 are my daily supplements which I should not stop taking during the program as they are high in antioxidant that will further help in detoxify and rejuvenate my body.
my usual dose of Maqui Berries Juice

Coffee Enema is the important part of this Detox program, it is part of the colon cleansing regime.

These are my food during my last 2 days Detox and Rejuvenation Program.

As the food intake are far less than my usual meals, I get hungry very often. Banana has become my main food intake. It takes determination and great will power to carry out this program to overcome the temptation in wanting to reach out for normal delicious meals.

Last year, I successfully completed my 7-days Detoxification and Rejuvenation Program, the 6th day was the hardest to bear. I am still trying to see how many days I can do this time. Hmm..talking about it, I feel hungry now, got to go grab a banana to feed my hungry stomach.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chinese Herbs treatment - A relieve for Allergy and Hives

To identify the cause of allergy is hard and sometimes costly, the cause of allergy are very vast. Here is my personal experience in relieving allergy with Chinese herbs..

I was an allergy sufferer since I was 12. It started on my leg, I scratched until it bleed. It got worse day by day. The rashes came with no specific time, started in the morning, get worse in the afternoon and got worst at night. When it comes, it is burning hot and itch all over my body, including my scalp. It’s hard to bear and miserable. It was so severe that I once fainted in my bedroom.

I have applied many types of ailments, consulted many doctors and Chinese Physician, applied traditional ways of treatments as recommended by cousins and friends. Nothing seems to help, the rashes came back after all. The general term is allergy in this type of condition. Allergy towards what?? I still do not know till now.

The last treatment that I went through was with an experienced Chinese Physician, I have to take a course of treatment and Chinese herbs medication for a period of a year if I am not mistaken. I got better after that and the allergy went off after I gave birth to my 1st child.

I was sad to learn that my daughter having the same problem like I did. We brought her to a GP, he prescribed an antihistamine medication to block the histamine released. It has lost its effect after a few days into taking it. According to the GP, we have to consult a skin specialist to treat the root of the allergy, one way to identify the cause is to do a blood test, which is costly, and not necessarily it will be able to detect the actual cause, because the cause of the allergy is very vast, could be due to dust, food, environment,etc.

What I would like to share here is, since the normal GP can not help, we went to seek advise from a famous Chinese Physician here. She prescribed 2 types of oral powder capsules and a mixture of Chinese herbs to rub on the body for 3 days. It obviously helps to relieve much of the allergy into the 3rd day. The allergy came back again after 3 days we stopped the application.

I called up the physician this morning for consultation, her advise is to continue with the medication and bathing in order for it to take effect and cure the allergy altogether. I hope this will help my daughter to recover from this nasty allergy which has been giving her many sleepless and stressful nights.

Here is how the Chinese herbs and medication look like :

Herbs powder in capsule form, to be taken once after dinner. I do not know what herbs mixtures it contains. The name of this Chinese medication is called "海中宝" or "Treasure in the sea" meant to treat skin problem.

Another type of powder in capsule form which is good for relieving heatiness, sore throat & fever. It is to be taken after breakfast once a day.

2 important Chinese herbs : Red rice and "Mat Zhao"

Mixture of Chinese herbs. Boil in a pot of water for 15 minutes, the solution will be in bright burgundy in colour, let cool till slightly higher than body temperature, add in 1/3 bottle of the Rice wine..wipe all over the body, do not rinse after applying it.
Rice wine

The herbs solution to wipe on the body

It is very effective in controlling allergy, however, the above medication is strictly for information and should not be taken without directions from the Chinese Physician.


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