Saturday, August 8, 2015

Black Pearl Permanent Hair Dye shampoo

For convenience, one could choose this Black Pearl Permanent Hair Dye Shampoo.  At least once in a month, I will have to do some "repair" work to cover up my grey hair.  It is annoying but I am grateful to have hair :D..Need not complain much because it is hereditary that I have grey hair from my grand mother.   

I have tried this Black Pearl Permanent Hair Dye shampoo before.  The dye does not last as permanent as it stated but I like it being convenient to use.


  1. This product is new to me and I might try it. I have started seeing grey hairs hidden on my top. I saw the latest FOLLOWME product that comes under RM10 for such a big combo bottle!

  2. Oh very interesting product darling!

  3. oh great product! very convenience! Thanks for your sharing! Lisa @ Myfancybathroom



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