Monday, December 5, 2016

Moringa Seeds and the comparison between the local produce and India's v...

Heard a lot about Moringa seed's health benefits. Through a friend I bought a packet of 100 Moringa seeds of local produce. Being first time taking it, the first taste is bitterly sweet, a bit unbearable. The bitterly sweet taste stays on the tongue for a long while even after drinking water. I was told that taking 3 seeds would be enough for normal healthy person. An inconsistent vitamin consumer, I unintentionally skipping days of taking it. 

Another friend of ours whom is selling India produced Moringa gave a packet (100 seeds I think) for my better half to try. Upon opening up the shell, we noticed that the seeds a very much bigger size than the local one, no wonder the price is also double. 

I have not tried eating the India's produce but my better half said taste wise, the local one is milder. The video above show the difference of size. The benefits of Moringa seeds can widely be found on the internet. My better half is taking it for the hope that his diabetes can be reduced and under control by taking Moringa seeds as claimed by many testimonials.

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